Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"the time has come, the walrus said..."

( that poem)
The BOOK is READY!!!!!!!!!

Want a sneak peek? click here! You can see about 8 pages of it, and it is now for sale on also. So, this means that your copies are on their way to my house for signing and pampering before they come to you.
There will also be an e-book version available at the same as link I shared above. But that takes about two weeks!

I couldn't be happier! I feel like I just had a baby ( I suppose a lot of people say that about dreams that become real and are then let go into the world)...I also have butterflies in my stomach and I wish I could bring it back and add more to it! I'm worried there isn't ENOUGH! I think I was looking at it for WAY too long on my computer screen and laying in piles around my studio. I cut SO much out....I am just hoping I left the right stuff IN!

Well...I will be excited when it gets here! And I will let you all know when the box arrives!!!!! Because that will mean yours will be following right behind!

Big Love to All on this rainy Wednesday!


Oh...and some link love to share...
make sure to visit Amanda at Kind Over Matter
and, while you are at it keep an eye out on the site after the 15th! I just did my first Sponsorship ad, and it should run on Amanda's page for a month. YAY!

last but not least...I don't think I've shared My Mothers shop address with you yet!
Like it on Facebook or visit the Frog & BEE website...we're not completely finished bee kind :)

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