Saturday, November 12, 2011


my friend sweet melissa has a most rockin' store here in 'yorkpa'...and she has been letting me do windows...which is most fun ( escpecially since she is my soul sistah' and lets me do cool stuff!)

more windows to come....

visit melissa here...

inspiration collection for the day

a little bee funeral on my front porch this past summer
chatter of the birds outside...

I'm leaving for NYC today. Ready to take lots of pictures and suck in lots of eye-candy...I need the inspiration right now. I have a show in weeks, and let's just say, I'm not quite ready.  I finished 3 pieces and they were to be the beginning of a series of 7 and the....whoosh! distraction, blocks, getting a job (which i'm thankful for but what a speed-bump right in the middle of painting for a show). And now I have 5-7 pieces scattered around my little studio and the theme when from strong to....well, wish-washy to say the least.
So last week I went out into the backyard....birds and bugs and ants crawling all over me...the smell of sweet decomposing leaves and hot sun...a nice november day...and I painted. What came out was like nothing I've done before...using brayers and pallet knives and squeeges to spread and layer paint and carving into it....I want a week of these days to make more energetic playful paintings...
I realize that lately I have lost the and worrying about money and 
weddings and dishes and trying to please everyone...

My best work has always come from those days when i just"was".
So...I'm gonna just "be" this weekend.


book update: putting the pages in some kind of order. pulling things out from piles and lining them up to see whats missing...

in the meantime, have fun with this...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

what is it?

I've been working on a book for two years now.
Maybe not a book. A journal of finising exercise in re-connecting with my passion in art.
It's a book, a journal, a lesson if you care to find interactive play thing.

The book is almost is pages in notebooks and paintings an illustrations...questions, frustrations...questions and answers...quotes from friends and's ready to be brought together in to book-like form and be reproduced. It is a teaching tool...a learning tool....a self guided journey and a journey I have taken...looking inward at my home.

My home is my home is my excitement and my adventure. I am my home.

This book is about finiding that sweet-spot in yourself where your passion and creativity comes from.

Follow me on this journey to finishing the book ( and I promise that as soon as my scanner is up and running I will post some pages.

For now, share with me the things that have inspired me to write this book..images, stories...letters...quotes....