Tuesday, October 30, 2012

November and a new blog!

I will be opening a new blog!

My life has started to take a different direction, and the last few months have been key is pointing out to me that I have yest to REALLY take my art seriously.

Stuck inside for a few days, and back to feeling comfortable painting has started to push me in a new direction.

So! To prep for 2013, and what I'd like to see come out of it, I am starting a new blog, focused on Licensing, Classes, More updated about new work and new projects.....free downloads and a bunch of other fun stuff!

If I am ever going to work as a full-time artist, I have to make some changes....this will be the first one :)

If you enjoy following me, then here is the link to my new blog...


And please remember to sign up to my mailing list to get even more fun free stuff, and  class & show announcements!

Hope to see you on the new page!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

20 things I love about Fall!

I don't know why, but I ended up dividing my list of "20 Things" over a few posts...
But here is the complete list of...

 20 Things I love about Fall 

1. keeping the windows open and getting fresh air in the house
2. blankets
3. pumpkin spice lattes
4. scarf time!
5. smelling the change in the woods...sweet decaying leaves
6. raking leaves
7. carving pumpkins
8. time for fires at night!
9. local harvest festivals
10. october sunrises!
11. trying to walk down the street jumping from one "crunch" to another as the leaves drop!
12. apple or pumpkin ANYTHING! Bread, muffins, soups, baked...etc...!
13. gathering acorns and leaves and milkweed pods to add to my collection of decorations.
14. geting all of my fall decorations out...and of course adding to them every year.
15. soups and stews
16. cleaning out my studio and redecorating it...which i will start today ( so look for pictures!)
17. long rides in the country with the windows down, the heat on and colors changing everywhere!
18. jeans and sweaters and hats! oh my!
19. cozy-sofa-movie-and-spiced cider-nights

( Thank you to The Inspired Room for this lovely new tradition of Fall Nesting! To see more posts from more Fall Nesters, click the link!)


p.s. what do YOU love about fall???

Monday, October 1, 2012

5 more fall things...

1. raking leaves
2. carving pumpkins
3. time for fires at night!
4. local harvest festivals!!!
5. october sunrises!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


I got this link in my e-mail this morning, in an e-mail from EverythingEtsy.com
the inspired room
and it was the best way to start out a quiet  autumn-like sunday morning (only thing missing? milk for my coffee!)

For anyone who knows me well, you KNOW i'm absolutley head-over-heel about Fall, and everything that goes with it...THAT is why I am going to participate in The Inspired Room's Annual Fall Nesting!

Here is the deal...

"Fall Nesting Parties @ The Inspired Room {every Tuesday in October}
Week One:Get Your Fall Nesting On {20 Little Things You Love About Fall, yep, we are bringing back that favorite list! so start thinking about what your favorite things are and get ready to link up your favorite fall things post in October!}
Week Two:
Fall around the House {OK, so don’t really fall, but let’s get nesting around the house for fall and show each other what we are up to!}
Week Three:
Decorating Fall Mantels & Porches {showing our fall mantels and porches}
Week Four:
Inspired Holiday Nesting {Halloween, Thanksgiving or Pre-Christmas Decorating & Entertaining Ideas}
Week Five:
Fall Project Round Up {Pick your favorite project from October and link it up!}"
So...I am starting a little early ( and I may not post every Tuesday...but I will be posting once a week...for the next 5 weeks... I think I will do 5 things on this poat every day and keep editing til it's OCTOBER because I can hardly wait!
(pumpkin patch in New Englad...photo taken in college...er...1999)

20 things I LOVE about FALL:
1.keeping the windows open and getting fresh air in the house
2. blankets
3. pumpkin spice lattes
4. scarf time!
5. smelling the change in the woods...sweet decaying leaves.

...okay I have to stop myself because I could go on and on!

Look for the link on my sidebar if you'd like to join...or just follow!

Have a lovely Sunday....go gather some acorns! get that first pumpkin spice latte of the season...i promise it will put you in the mood!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

inspired in asheville

outside of Altier gallery
(psssssst...my December show will be here! look for details coming soon....)


                                                    "Home is where you hang your hat"

My husband took me on a surprise mini vacation (i.e. PLEASE get your inspiration back) to Asheville, NC a little over a week ago.  I'm still dreamy over it. I have a lot of places I want to share on here with you, but life has been , literally, in the blender lately.

I started working at my friend Cherie Anne's ( www.cherieannedesigns.com) running the tea a smoothie bar in the back ( oh yes! sidenote...look for some yummy recipies coiming soon) I've been in a tizzyover a million things...some good and some bad ( neurologist yesterday...do I have some nerve issues in my jaw? or should I just get all of my bloody teeth pulled???)....shows to paint for....the list goes on and the fun never stops.

My friend Niki at work gave me an Angel reading the other day...and she said a lot of things, but one thing that stuck out was that I need to have some alone time..relax, just me, in the woods or by water....but it's important. I've been give, give, give with my energy...it's time to recharge ( I'd like to have taken a month to stay in Asheville and recharge...haha)

So...off to smoothie world <3

Thank God for good friends and family...

Big Hugs to All!


Thursday, August 16, 2012



'nuff said.

although it may not be that bad :) I never thought I'd be laid-off but they closed one of the branches of the flower shop, and it was the one i was running.

here is to new starts!

other than that no real news...keeping busy working on too many things at once ...again, not always a bad thing.

Asheville in two weeks! Birthday coming up (36! gulp!)

My Mom is moving out of her house in two weeks also..the house she moved into with my brother when my parents split 10 years ago...I know she is tired and I wish I could help her more!!! It's sad to see the things she painted on the walls and all the amazing decorating and love she put into a place that looked barren when she moved in, go away...get covered up with paint...sigh..and I know she and my brother are going to miss it. I'm going to miss it, except that now she is on MY end of town which means more visits..more mother-daughter movie and tea nights when frank goes away...and i may actually even see my darling brother!

I hope everyone is enjoying these last weeks of summer!
big hugs!
pictures of new work to come very, very soon!


Friday, August 10, 2012


It's raining. Again. So much for long summer days off hiking and working in the yard. The storms have been so bad here...on and off, and then so humid in between. Having only one room with Air Conditioning is fine most of the time ( I lived in Baltimore for years with none at all) but I do wish we at least had a better cross-breeze in the house. Everything seems so stale.

It's my second day in a row off, which is especially nice because It's time for the cramps ( yeah, ladies you know what i mean!), and I hate going to work when I'm feeling like this. But one thing it makes me do that I don't like is watch day-time television. I usually watch documentaries while I paint, but our Netflix isn't working ( I swear it was all much more simple before we got 20 different machines and remotes to run the dang television!). So! I have my coffee ( instant because I am extra poor this week), my pillow props, my heating pads...and I'm all ready to watch some morning cartoons...and all then I can find are informercials!!! Get Thin, Insanity Workout, Cook this way or that way, Wear this make-up because Cindy tells you to, You NEED this super confusing thing to clean your whatever-it-is or you're just not COOL! 
Infuriating ( they used to put these things on at 3a.m., and now they are taking over morning television).
Other options? Depressing news? Religious services in another language and...oh! Trash T.V.! Something about 19 Children, The Kardashian mess OF COURSE! , Dog the Bounty Hunter, ....

I knew how bad television was...it has been for quite some time! I remember watching Survivor, years and years ago on the floor of my bedroom in my parents house with my ex-boyfriend...and how cool it was...I never knew how BAD it would get. And what IS our fascination with watching other people's issues on television? I have enough problems of my own...and it doesn't make me feel better to watch all of this crap! I wonder sometimes though, if it does make other people feel better about their lives? Like "Wow, these people are REALLY screwed up....my life seems normal in comparison"...or if we're becoming such a sick society that we actually enjoy watching other people make jack-asses out of themselves or go thru pain, or eat raw cow eyeballs. At any time of the day I bet you can turn the television on and find 1. A child being abused 2. Someone cheating on their husband/wife 3. Someone getting shot 4. Someone talking about how you aren't happy until you are a size 3 or have these new longer, lusher lashes....A car crash, a shooting, a bidding war....it goes on and on. And you know what channels I want to watch? They are the ones I would have to pay extra money for! I can't watch Green T.V., or the many National Geographic stations....

All this to tell you that MY choice this morning is a show I SWORE I would never watch..."Gallery Girls", a show about...you guessed it...Girls in NY that think art is cute and cool and have big pocketbooks! The description actually says "...These women all share a passion for art, but are divided by their Manhatan and Brooklynbee Lifestyles...." THIS should be rich...

47 seconds into the intro and I've already heard one girls say she's completely narcissistic and wait! They aren't talking about art, they are talking about money and how Brooklyn girls wear "red lipstick, weird jewelry, wierd clothes and try to be cool" and The Manhattan girls are "all blondes and all belong to the same sorority" and..." I was obsessed with Sex in the City and I want to be like Charlotte"...This is not starting well. I agree with the girls saying "you work for free til you get a shot!" and about how cut-throat the artworld is....

Well...we will see!

In other, more REAL news....
I am painting up the finishing touches on three new panels for the Bike and Tattoo show this weekend. It's a  fundraiser for a little boy...check it out here...

And, working on a poster for my husbands band, MojoVisnu

OK...now back to Gallery Girls!