Thursday, August 16, 2012


'nuff said.

although it may not be that bad :) I never thought I'd be laid-off but they closed one of the branches of the flower shop, and it was the one i was running.

here is to new starts!

other than that no real news...keeping busy working on too many things at once ...again, not always a bad thing.

Asheville in two weeks! Birthday coming up (36! gulp!)

My Mom is moving out of her house in two weeks also..the house she moved into with my brother when my parents split 10 years ago...I know she is tired and I wish I could help her more!!! It's sad to see the things she painted on the walls and all the amazing decorating and love she put into a place that looked barren when she moved in, go away...get covered up with paint...sigh..and I know she and my brother are going to miss it. I'm going to miss it, except that now she is on MY end of town which means more visits..more mother-daughter movie and tea nights when frank goes away...and i may actually even see my darling brother!

I hope everyone is enjoying these last weeks of summer!
big hugs!
pictures of new work to come very, very soon!



  1. I've been laid off all summer. I took the time to move into the studio and do a lot of stuff I don't when I'm working. Instead of stressing out, I tried to be grateful for the time off this year (I'm laid off every summer). The attitude change really helped. I wish good things for you.

  2. Thanks for the sweet words, Celeste..I'm going to try to make the best of this time!


    p.s. what kind of creative work do you do?

  3. I am sorry for your job loss. We have my in laws not too far from us and there is something nice about being able to do things together.