Thursday, March 15, 2012

sometimes, all thats left to do is...


Saturday, March 10, 2012

"In Search of Dessert"...

...which of course I always am!
(sweet tooth!!!!)
I found it in the form of a girl named Jessica and her blog,  "In Search of Dessert".
(photo c/o

actually I was poking around on another blog ( thank you for the hook-up Christine Mason Miller) and saw a post about a project that looked right up my alley! I wanted  something to bring to my art group night ( better known as Basement Therapy), and this looked like the perfect experiment. A deck of cards and a lot of ideas later, we sent our deck to Jessica Brogan of said "Dessert" blog....and had so much fun doing it!
( Embarrassingly enough I got an email from Jess this morning, and realized that I hadn't signed the card I put in to thank her for letting us be a part of this wonderful experience...not did I send the proper mailing stuff in the card...sorry to make you wait Jessica!).

But...please check out her blog won'r have to go digging far for treasure and inspiration!

Thank you Ms. Brogan :)