Saturday, September 8, 2012

inspired in asheville

outside of Altier gallery
( December show will be here! look for details coming soon....)


                                                    "Home is where you hang your hat"

My husband took me on a surprise mini vacation (i.e. PLEASE get your inspiration back) to Asheville, NC a little over a week ago.  I'm still dreamy over it. I have a lot of places I want to share on here with you, but life has been , literally, in the blender lately.

I started working at my friend Cherie Anne's ( running the tea a smoothie bar in the back ( oh yes! sidenote...look for some yummy recipies coiming soon) I've been in a tizzyover a million things...some good and some bad ( neurologist I have some nerve issues in my jaw? or should I just get all of my bloody teeth pulled???)....shows to paint for....the list goes on and the fun never stops.

My friend Niki at work gave me an Angel reading the other day...and she said a lot of things, but one thing that stuck out was that I need to have some alone time..relax, just me, in the woods or by water....but it's important. I've been give, give, give with my's time to recharge ( I'd like to have taken a month to stay in Asheville and recharge...haha) to smoothie world <3

Thank God for good friends and family...

Big Hugs to All!


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