Friday, May 4, 2012

may morning surprises...

feeling lucky that i got to see third egg case had just began to hatch when i went out to check on them this morning. this is only the second time in my life ( after hatching sooo many of these) to cath them at this stage in the hatching process.
the best thing which you can't see from the photo, is the way they slowly undulate their way out of the egg case from their little one way escape hatches that their mom lays them in.
(more photos here...   )

this is all i needed today. one beautiful moment. i feel at peace and connected now.

hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


P.S.  Frog and BEE, my Moms shop, will be having its Ribbon Cutting Ceremony tonight! If you are around Downtown York for First Friday, stop by and say hello!
P.P.S. Look for my ad on Kind Over Matter, starting the 15th of May! It will be up for a month! Thanks, Amanda!

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