Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a lot of february gratitude!

almost february... wait! it's february 1st!
this project is almost over.
20 some days left.
winter blahhhhhs are starting to kick in as of....yesterday. 
my second day home sick with bronchitis. 

I have to give PROPS to Melissa, my good friend, who started a creative womans art night at her house.  It is making wednesday my new favorite day for the week ( it used to always be Thursday).  But, more seriously, I want to say thank you to her! For opening up her cozy basement and trying to do something that we all need right now...connection. A space to connect as artists/crafters and ladies.
I have to thank my friends & family though, for getting me though a kind of rough's one of those times when it's no BIG thing, but about a million little things, that are tugging on me. And they are always there to listen. I am stuck in a different way...I want to move forward....but haven't quite figure out how to do so! If you have any idea of how one gets their work SEEN by someone from some cool company ( plug in...Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Free People, classy, hip and fun magazines and publications...col galleries looking for new artists....)....let me rephrase. I'm ready to publish! This book of course, but also, a line of cards, some fabric designs, a line of plates and dinnerware....I have so many things I'd like to "get out there" but I am running into barriers. 
I even found a great on-line workshop from an artist I look up to for all that she has done with her work to get it out into the public, but by still staying true to her beliefs and her work...but the workshop is over $600!  If I had that extra money laying around I would spend it making prints, buying supplies and starting to publish this book myself...
vent. vent. vent.
a HUGE thank YOU to ALLLLL of the friends and family, and friends of family, for supporting me through this kickstarted project! I hope in the next 20-some days I can raise the funds so that you will all get wonderful gifts in the mail, and I can finish that last page with all of the names of those of you who have donated!

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