Friday, December 30, 2011


I'd really like to start walking in the morning again...but it's SO cold and windy...and the worst part is that is is damp...bone-chilling cold. not good ole' dry cold.
complain, complain.

Two days of work left this week and then the New Year...2012...wonder what 2012 is going to bring?
I've done 3 new painting sketches...two of which have to be finished ( yeah, the paintings) by the 5th, and ready to hang since I'm showing at Lotus Moon again this month. I'm so ecited that my friend Cheryl is coming down to be at the show and do Tarot readings. Frank and the guys (who loving called themselves The Three Musketeers...but who will be knows as MojoVishnu to the public from now on...damn, I have to finish a logo this weekend too!) are playing my show...yay! Good way to ring in the New Year ( even if it is on the 6th)

Inspiration has been good right now for some reason...despite the cold and the 8 hours of boring work every day ( post-holiday sucks at a flower shop). I have BUGS in my head again...I want to start painting lots of insects and bees and birds again....FM bought me some great magazines for Christmas, and the trip to Lititz with Mom, which was so fun, made me want to produce, produce, produce!

But now off to work...

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