Monday, February 20, 2012


Jen Gray Blackburn, is someone that has always inspired me! I woke up thinking about her this morning...thinking "i haven't gotten my fix all week"!
Her entries are always full of truth and the photographs speak volumes by themselves. I am very lucky to have a far away web-friend like Jen...and someday I hope I can visit her and sip tea, splash in puddles and make art. She is one amazin' lady!

go get your fix...and see what i mean....

February 17, 2012
making good.
Michelle is a friend who keeps me in check about making sure I'm getting my dose of daily good. She knows that one way I refuel is by walking the fields by my house. So when Im getting cranky she will often say to me, "jen, have you gone to the field today?" A gentle reminder for me to take care of myself.
It's so simple to give yourself some goodness. And it's so worth it.

But no one can do this for you. You have to make the time, you have to make the plans.
(maybe something like this) :)
You have to know what is good for you.
define it. spell it out.
figure out what fills you up.
know what "does it" for you.
If we don't find ways to refuel ourselves,
we are being irresponsible.
YOU have to be a priority to YOU.
There is nothing selfish about it.
Build regular goodness into your life.
You will be much better for having done so.
(as will the people around you.)
You deserve good.
You deserve a thousand continuous delights...

(...above post by jen gray)



  1. oh oh just melted my heart sloppy good. and we will visit and we will have tea and we will make art and we will stir up a little fun ! xoxoxoxo

  2. we will! we will!
    you deserve a good sloppy heart melting!