Monday, February 27, 2012

days in the sun.

covered bridge...
blue sky...
gloves for cold fingers.

i felt inspired today when i woke up...and then i remembered i had to go to work on my day off!
 (i know my boss is only trying to help because he knows i need the money, but after working til lunch, my inspiration had faded and i didn't get much done today.)

the sun was still out, the birds were still was a beautiful day...but i was in slump mode. not even fm's cheeriness about the greenhouse being almost finished could cure it

here is a little excerpt from my journal...

"sometimes life is hard these days(go away winter!), but there is
beauty everywhere if i only choose to see it there.
there is sadness and beauty mixed together
and sometimes it is hard to sop in the sadness
and choose to see the beauty in the simple things around me.
but with spring coming near, and the chatter of the birds, the twinkling of 
windchimes on the decks and porches throughout my
neighborhood...and the sun that shines on my face...i guess i can learn 
(am trying to learn)
to live an every day life that is messy and
lovely at the same

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