Sunday, July 29, 2012

Good Morning~

Another hot, hot, hot morning here in South Central ( PA, that is)...ugh. Please can't we just have San Diego weather here? for a year?  If I didn't love my family so much I would move OUT of this ditch of a town ( literally we are a ditch where everything lays....I guess the nice way of saying it is a valley)...we have an incinerator, at least 2 landfills, you can see Peach Bottom and TMI from you want  me to keep going? No wonder we have one of the most unhealthy cities to live in, according to most of the articles I've read in health-type magazines.

But, I digress, this was supposed to be a HAPPY blog entry. 
I found this list below on the Wish Studio page this morning....a lit of summer blog themes...

:: celebrate :: a sweet slice of slow hot days
:: remember :: a lovely remeniscing, remembering summer
:: studio ::  scenes from an exhibition at Artstream Studios was a delightful peek into studio life!
:: story :: because…this is why we share.
:: rest ::
:: friendship ::
:: read ::
:: practice ::
:: renewal ::
:: learn ::

I found a new favorite director...check out Albino Fawn, and go to Erik Leiser's IMDB page here, and scroll down to watch the video clips! Amazing stuff! I was an instant fan!

Other than that the summer has been doing it's dance between fast and slow....Can't keep up.
My husband just left for LA at 4 this morning, he won't be back til Thursday...but I have some fun to look forward to with my good friend Cheryl, plus visits with Mom and HOPEFULLY some hiking, if the rain doesn't persist.
I'm tired...ok so this isn't the HAPPIEST entry...i'm kind of mellow like the grey sky this morning I guess.
Too much going on in my head to feel grounded...half finished projects asking to please "finish me", car that failed inspection ($800).....but lots to look forward to.

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