Wednesday, May 23, 2012

first web-press!

My 'Sponsor Love' post on Kind Over Matter!

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(new backgrounds for painting on...)

So many wonderful new things going on over the last few days! Where to begin...?
I have been demoted, happily, to part time for the summer at my job. So, in the Fall I will go back to full-time, but for NOW I get to paint and adventure and do landscaping....get some vitamin D!
There is also the slight possibility (fingers crossed) of a studio space on a friends land who has a, still waiting for that!

I've been getting ready to go to New Hope this weekend, as a fun day, but with my trusty little portfolio-envelopes tucked in my gigantic purse so that I can leave them with some gallery/ shop owners.

I have a whole entire summer to NOT be stuck inside finally have time to push through and get my work out there and have a little fun with it!

I can't tell you how exciting this is!!!! Plus, being able to spend time at the shop with Mom and garden at my own house!


What are YOU doing for the summer? anyone know of any good art fests or music playing around the Central Pennsylvania Area? Anyone want to go on a roadtrip? I do.....but that's nothing new :)


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