Friday, February 17, 2012

a little late valentines day post

work has been keeping me busy. switched locations. suddenly. no more downtown for me, which means no more visiting with my dear melissa or stopping in to see my mom on lunch breaks at the shop that will be open in 2  short weeks. life changing again....just a small one, but it's making a big impact. i thought i was moving closer to being able to do design work, but it seems now that i am moving stores, not only will i bee alone all day, with no lunch break, but i will be running a bucket store. they are removing the designing aspect from the store all together. and eventhough i'll be manager, i guess....since nobody else will really be working pay raise and a longer drive. later hours at night.

oh, sigh. i should just be happy i have a job...i know!'s sapping all of my creativity and happiness. i don't do well all alone all day, unless i can be hiking or doing my art stuff.
sitting in a fake-lit square box with the noise of coolers running and no escape...not my idea of fun.

Enough of that. The book is now spread ALL over my bedroom in that need to be scanned....collages to to will all be coming together soon and quickly.
But, another adventure starts! Remember my moms shop that I just mention is going to be open soon? I will not only be selling my art/ craft along with her wonderful things and a few choice friends ( all of which I'll post more about later) dream coming to life..


Thats right! I've always wanted to make them, and now it's going to happen. The green house on the porch will be ready soon....bottles and jars will be unearthed from the basement and garage....and local thrift shops...and I have a very talented welder/artist working on some frame work, to make truly unique vessels to plant in. Clay is coming together to form little mushrooms and crazy creaatures...miniature faeirie furniture and collected bones....sea shells i've been saving from St. Lucia and Sanibel Island....

pictures will be posted here first! So keep an eye out!

valentines day quote i stole from my moms blog..

(Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

i love his work.

and a few pics that will be in the book...sneak-peek for those of you following the blog..

all my love!

                                                   ( what else can we do with flowers???)

                      ( "like a shotgun...needs an outcome..." treadmill workout music...xoxo Lykkie Li)

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