Tuesday, December 27, 2011

geting ready for the new year...

...whatever that means. it's all just time. fake little markers that give a false sense of hope for a new start. none of this is bad...in fact it is a great motivator...one even i use...eventhough i'm not sure why we all wait til 'the new year' for a 'fresh start'. you can have a fresh start any day...even march 26th...or november 21st. it doesn't really matter.

i think we should all pick ANOTHER day to have a fresh start during the year. or even, three. three is a good number.

what days would you pick?

so this is what i think about in the morning. i have 30 minutes before i have to go back to work, and since i'm working at one of the satellite stores today i'll be all alone with no break from 9-5. it gets kind of lame. but it IS a job. ( let me just say here...i love my coworkers and my managers ...but i very much dislike the fact that i do nothing but answer phones, place orders and sweep floors all day.).

So, that is enough complaining for the day after the day after christmas.
I had a wonderful, magical holiday weekend. saw so many friends and family...even a surprise visit to out neighbors, Bethany and Jose ( and the whole bright fun adorable family). Billy and Marta came to stay the night from D.C., and as usual the cozy Christmas Eve at my moms and gifts at Dad with the whole family the next morning.

But I digress....

I got an e-mail from my friend Highway Hannah this morning that made me think...

Hiya lovin.

I hope your xmas was great and fat.

How is everything going down there?...

...Updates? New plans? "

 my friend...the short answer would be...oh yes! cups-full! but where to begin?


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